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Little Women

Adapted by Thomas Hischak. Based on the book by Louisa May Alcott.
Directed by Belinda King
Assistant Direction by Brittani Rast
Technical Direction by Haleigh Martin
Assistant Technical Direction by Haley Rodgers

Cast list:
Bonnie Mills— Josephine March/Jo March
Brayden Bland— Harry Watson/Sean Kirke
Bruce Dawson— Jack Watson/Danny Kirke
D’Ana Mueller— Mr. Robert March/Mr. Laurence
Ella Butler— Young Amy, Act 1
Ellie Jensen— Grown-up Amy, Act 2
Grace Bynane— Meg March
Illyana Wooten — Theodore “Laurie” Laurence
Ja’Lynn Luckett— Great Aunt March
Jasmine Tapia— Mrs. Moffet/Mrs. Tomlinson/Jenny
Leigh Goff— Professor Friedrich “Fritz” Bhaer/Mary
Lexie Doyal— Mrs. Margaret March
Madie Holland— Hannah/Clara Moffet/Mrs. Kirke
Mia Andrus— Beth March
Rain Amyx— John Brooke
Sophie Crittenden— Kitty Watson/Minnie Kirke
Ensemble: Brayden Bland, Bruce Dawson, D’Ana Mueller, Ella Butler, Ellie Jensen, Ja’Lynn Luckett, Jasmine Tapia, Madie Holland, Sophie Crittenden, Leigh Goff
Hunter King— Student Technician
Remy Butler— Student Technician

Little Women tells the story of the four March sisters, Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth, and their journey to adulthood. Set in Civil War-era Massachusetts, they are faced with the challenges of growing up, forging their own paths, learning to accept themselves, and finding true love. The girls are guided by their wise and loving mother, Marmee, who helps them to overcome their struggles. Through the highs and lows of their lives, the March family learns to embrace the importance of love, courage, and loyalty.

Performances at the Campus Theatre
Friday, May 5@7:30pm
Saturday, May 6@7:30pm
Sunday, May 7@2:00pm

Tickets are now on sale!

Saturday Classes:
September-October, 2023.

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May 30th-July 30th, 2023.

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