Denton Community Theatre’s mission is to contribute to the cultural life of the community through theatrical experiences. Denton Community Theatre, Inc. shall promote education and interest in theatre and the performing arts; and manage and operate the Campus Theatre owned by the Greater Denton Arts Council. This mission includes, but is not limited to the following:

1. Promoting education in the theatre and performing arts by producing high quality plays and musicals;
2. Encouraging and educating children, youth and adults in all aspects of theatre arts and related fields;
3. Providing North Texas region residents with opportunities to gain a greater appreciation of the performing arts;
4. Providing North Texas area residents with opportunities to participate with the performing arts.
5. Contributing to the quality of life in the North Texas region.

Denton Community Theatre, Inc. is housed in Campus Theatre, the most iconic theatre in Denton, TX. DCT is one of the oldest arts groups in Denton and has provided over forty continuous years of theatrical experiences for the Denton area. Denton Community Theatre, Inc. was charted as a non-profit educational organization under 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code in August, 1969.
DCT presents 14-20 different productions throughout the year including Traveling and Competition Shows, Theatre School classes, Children’s Theatre, Special Events and fundraisers, Showcase Productions, Denton Festivals, Beaujolais and More Wine and Food Tasting, and manages the Campus Theatre for the community and the Greater Denton Arts Council (over 50 different events each year).

DCT Governing Board

Linda Wallace, President
Rudy Menn, Treasurer
Nina Nichols Austin, Secretary

Mindy Arendt, Danny Armitage, Jeremy Brand, Susan McGuire Cooksey, Don Edwards, Stacey Irish-Keffer, Pete Kamp, Angie Herring Matthews, Becky McCollum, Terry Nobles, Caleb Norris, Kerri Peters, Norman Pomerance, DDS, Dena Reecer, Eddie Renz, Caryn Riggs, Janet Shelton, Jeff Springer, Micha Marie Stevens

DCT Production Board

Kerri Peters, President
Kristen Ray, Secretary

Kate Armitage, Erica Cole, Paul Key, Sarah Nobles-Key, Caleb Norris, Nicole Probst, Roger Reikofski, Linda Rubin, Donna Trammell

Theatre Denton
214 W. Hickory St.
United States
(940) 382-7014