Volunteer Opportunities at Theatre Denton

Any community based organization depends almost entirely on people. Theatre Denton is no different. Our productions and many other aspects of our operation are heavily reliant on our core of volunteers from Denton and the DFW area.

We have a LOT of fun. We do a lot of work and we get plenty of satisfaction of a job well done when we experience the roar of an appreciative audience. The theatre builds a kinship among the cast and crew that is hard to find elsewhere.

Some of the opportunities include:

Stage Manager
Stage Crew
Lighting Design
Lighting Operations
Sound Design
Sound Operations
Follow Spot
Scene Design
Scene Construction
Scene/Set Painting
Special Effects
Rehearsal Assistant

You are welcome to audition for any of our shows. See our Auditions page for more information on that.

We are quite proud of the volunteer base we have at Theatre Denton and we welcome you if you would like to come have some fun with us. Please fill out our Volunteer Opportunities Form and we’ll be in touch.