Virtual Production Proposals

Theatre Denton is now accepting proposals for a virtual production, to be filmed at the Campus
Theatre and streamed online in April 2021 (exact date TBD).
Due to COVID safety concerns, the proposals must be limited to one-person shows. A two-
person production will be considered if the actors live together.
Theatre Denton will take proposals until February 12, 2021. Proposals will then be reviewed by
the Theatre Denton Production Board. The director of the selected proposal will be notified no
later than February 19, 2021.
Proposal submissions must include the following:

  • Director’s name and contact information.
  • Director’s history with Theatre Denton (formerly Denton Community Theatre and Music
    Theatre Denton).
  • The title of the show proposed, playwright, and a brief synopsis (please provide the rights
    holder for the proposed show).
  • A brief narrative explaining the director’s choice of this show and why this show is a
    good option for a virtual production.
  • Any special production requirements (lighting, sound, special effects, etc.).
  • Potential production team members (stage manager, sound designer, costumer, etc.). The
    Theatre Denton Production Board may designate a lighting designer, sound designer,
    light board operator, and other crew, as necessary. The director will be notified of this

This show will be produced at the Campus Theatre and will have use of the Campus facilities for
rehearsal purposes. This show will be filmed – there will be no live audience.
Please note: Theatre Denton is following all local and state COVID safety precautions. Theatre
Denton will have additional COVID safety procedures that all volunteers involved in the
production must follow. These requirements will be provided to the director before the
productions process begins.
Please email proposals to: