The Best Christmas Pageant Ever – Dec. 2018

By Barbara Robinson
Delightful family comedy about the six delinquent Herdman children who attend church for the first time and end up in the annual Christmas pageant where they tell the Christmas story in an unconventional way.
Dec.7,8,9, 14, 15, 16, 2018 – Tickets on sale beginning Oct. 12, 2018
Directed by Nancy Chumbley.

Cast – The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Father(Bob Bradley)—Daniel Bryant Gawne
Mother(Grace Bradley)—Vanessa Welch
Beth—Lila Griffith
Charlie—Holden Mallouf
Ralph—Taylor Garcia
Imogene—Maddie Young
Leroy—Corey Gawne
Claude—Christian Abbott
Ollie—Henry Abbott
Gladys—Emma Welch
Alice—Payton Abbott
Mrs. Armstrong—Debbie Spangler
Maxine—Sophia Cruz
Elmer Hopkins—Landon Burch
Beverly—Ainsley Haley
Hobie—Caleb Kniss
David—Gregory Anderson
Juanita—Brenna Gawne
Doris—Maggie Wildersmith
Shirley—Laura Guzman
Mrs. Slocum—Kathleen Griffith
Mrs. Clark—Rachel Wildersmith
Mrs. Clausing– Davida Washington
Mrs. McCarthey—Anne Scaggs
Reverend Hopkins—Kirk Griffith
Fireman—Colin Trowell

Gossips—Danelle Hall, Nicole Reed, Robin Meath

Shepherds—Jake Burr, Jason King, Tyler Jackson, Holden Mallouf, Landon Burch, Kim Sant’Anna, Gregory Anderson

Angel Choir—Caraline Hayes, Sydney Widder, Chloe May, Payton Abbott,, Laura Guzman,Caleb Kniss,Mia Dandelion,Ainsley Haley, Abigail King, Ellie Jensen,Addison Chenault, Thalias Noerenberg, Su Harris, Carol Zhong, Brenna Gawne, Lila Griffith, Maggie Wildersmith, Aliya Amyx, Graham Chenault