Thank You to Our Donors

Fundraising has and will always be an essential part of operating a community
theatre. Ticket sales account for about 30 % of the revenue needed to operate
Theatre Denton and maintain our beautiful Texas Historic Landmark Campus
Theatre. Most of the other 70% comes from Membership, Advertising, and
Covid-19 has forced us to rely more heavily on our patrons’ generosity than ever
before. The Theatre Denton governing board has been dedicated since the
beginning of this crisis to maintaining our status as an operational theatre,
meeting all operating expenses including the salaries of the staff who dedicate
their lives to this theatre day in and day out.
If your name is on this page, please accept our sincerest thanks for your
contribution to this matching funds effort, and if you have ever stepped foot on
the stage or anywhere else in the Campus Theatre in any kind of volunteer
capacity, please know that you, too, are our heroes.
Our pledge is to bring live theatre and all of the other related activities back to
The Campus as soon it feels safe to do so. In the meantime, the staff and
boards of Theatre Denton will do our best to live up to the trust that you, our
beloved fans, friends and family have so generously given us
We love you, and we can’t wait to see you!

Mike Barrow – Managing Director

Don and Patricia Edwards
Pat Schaider
Shelly Denning
Brett and Linda Wallace
Keely Briggs
Georgia E Caraway
Rebecca Mason
Linda Ashmore Adcock
Kristen Smith
Caleb Norris
SarahAnn Sutter
Sue Schoenthal
Buster Maloney
John Taylor Hargrove
John & Betty Kay Seibt
Rob Houdek
Tony, Katie, Bella & Sophia Rose
Sharon Barnhill
Nicole M Probst
Betsy Deiterman
Melissa Sims
Jo and Johnny Williams
John T Rodgers
Bill & Susan Cooksey
Nina Austin
Paul Claus & Dena Bruton-Claus
Rebecca Jackson
Richard Sale
Rob and Leigh Ann Stadt
Claudia P Lynch
Kate and Dan Armitage
Veva Vonler
Frank and Judy Lewis
Philip Lamb
Kristy Vivian
Jim Laney
Genene Murphy
Constance & Mark Lane
Kerri Peters
Polly Maynard
Jen Peace
Kelly Durbin
Cassandra Berry
Susan Carol Davis
Barbara Jackson
Scott & Camille Hazard
Cecile Johnson
Janie and Tom Cindric
The Kellys
Jud & Pat Sherman
Josh Gilbert
Mary Harris
Karen House
Stacy Abbott
Kathleen Laughlin
Mary Lee Kendrick
Lynn & Doug Ebersole
Patrice Frisby
Betsy Deiterman
Pamela Daly
Marsha and Lindsay Keffer
Virginie Kidwell
Nancy Chumbley
Carol & David Rowley
Ms. Mary Hardcastle
Elva & Virden Seybold
Nita and Ole Hill
Bill & Bonnie Blanke
Becky McCollum
Christina Morrison-Beck
Helen Dewey Reikofski & Roger Reikofski
Kim Campbell
Renee Sims
Doreen Collin
Allen and Nancy Waldo
Emily and Les Black
Zoë Trautmann
Piper Mendes
Arturo Ortega
Joe and Jennifer Calfee
Don & Charlotte Place
Pat Cheek
Rudy Sewerd
Helen Schenk
Perry and June McNeill
Jeffrey Springer
Susie Hennen
Kathy Fielder
GraceAnn Gallagher
Patricia Gandy
Nelda Evarts
Peggy Norton
Miles and Gwynne Johnson
Joan Ingoldsby
Norm & Dana Pomerance
Karen Rosenthal
Patricia Reinke
Carolyn Farlow   
James Welborn
Aileene Stark
Fred & Jo Cassell
Roni & John Beasley
Phil Gallivan
Pete Kamp
Kathryn Stream
Lona Wolfe
J L & Brenda Crawford
Kimberly Karl & Stan Haddack
Darian Orr
Jan Hillman
Donna Trammell
Julie Crawford in memory of Priscilla Althaus
Peggy Capps
Terry Nobles
Kristen Maxwell
Nancy Sawtelle
Esmeralda Grimaldo
Susanne and Jeff Coffey
Joni Ellenwood Smith
Lisa Allen
Vicki Vann
Linda Eaddy
Loyce Wilson
Nanci Kimmey
Cody Vann
Betty Culp
Ms. Doris Boyle
Denton Evening Rotary