Method & Madness Playwriting Festival

Denton Community Theatre Method and Madness New Play Competition & Festival
*This DCT program is not currently active for 2018.

Denton Community Theatre is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 DCT Method and Madness playwright festival.

1st Place:  The Primal Scream by Joan Anderson and Dorothy Sanders:  Mother knows she has a special gift for helping people – even when they don’t know they need it.  Her therapist daughter has been heard to mutter the word “meddling”.  Could a mid-morning  cup of coffee turn into something more primal for Kara?

2nd place:  Neighbors by Walt Vail:  Max and Veronica are failing to love each other.  Gil and Blossom are neighbors  who spy on Max and Veronica, visit them unannounced, reveal, risk and help bring Max and Veronica together.

3nd place:  Peace on Earth, The Christmas Truce of 1914 by Kurt Hyde:  British and German soldiers facing each other in battle call for a truce for Christmas.  The command structure does not approve.  The troops discover that their enemies are people too.

4th place:  The Millstone’s Mantel Clock by Jeff Peters:  Charlie Mllstone, Sweetie Pie and aunt Mabel live out on a little road in the hill country of Texas with a neighbor Mrs. Miller and her autistic son Billy.  One day a bible salesman shows up, and wrongs the Millers, so the Millstones help make amends.

5th place: The Last Cigar by Steven Young:  The final night of the life of Sigmund Freud.  Surrounded by his daughter , Anna and his privatephysician, Max Schur, the cancer riddled psychiatrist fights for the right to die.

6th place:  First Do No Harm by Bara Swain:  Single mother Ethel meets a stranger while she is working on her first shift as a hostess at Providence NY, an event venue in Manhattan.  The interaction that follows gives the desperatem other hope, and possibly companionship by an unexpected gesture in this dramedy.

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