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Plaza Suite

By Neil Simon
Peek into the lives of the three separate couples occupying Suite 719 at New York
City’s Plaza Hotel on three different occasions. The first couple is less than blissfully
married and are spending an anniversary in the same suite that they had their honeymoon
in. The second couple are old acquaintances meeting for a drink with rather different
agendas. We find the last couple frantically trying to coax their nervous daughter out of
the bathroom for her own wedding while the guests are waiting for them downstairs. The
play is constructed for each scene to be progressively more humorous.

Forever Plaid

By Stuart Ross
1950’s style clean-cut quartet “The Plaids” had their chances for stardom cut short
when they died in a crash with a bus load of Catholic school girls. Fortunately, they are
back from the afterlife with one last chance for musical greatness. This critically
acclaimed musical is rich with great tunes like, “Three Coins in the Fountain”,
“Undecided”, “Gotta Be This or That”, “Moments to Remember”, “Crazy ‘Bout Ya,
Baby”, “Sixteen Tons”, “Chain Gang”, “Cry”, “Heart and Soul”, “Lady of Spain”,
“Shangri-La”, “Rags to Riches”, and “Love is a Many-Splendored Thing”.

Christmas at the Campus – A Tuna Christmas

By Jaston Williams, Joe Sears & Ed Howard

Cyrano DeBergerac

By Edmond Rostand
This classic piece, set in the 1600’s, tells the tale of the brilliant soldier and poet,
Cyrano deBergerac who, despite his intelligence, talent and skill, believes that he can
never be loved because of his exceptionally large nose. He uses his talent with words to
help the handsome but tongue-tied fellow soldier, Christian, woo the beautiful Roxanne.
Although Cyrano secretly loves her, he only wants to see her happy. Filled with love and
dramatic sword fights this play is also responsible for the word “panache” being
introduced to the English language.


Music by Richard Rodgers
Book & Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II
The beloved fairy tale told with music and song. Abused by her step-mother and
horrible step-sisters, the sweet Cinderella is visited by a fairy god-mother who magically
provides her with the gown and gilded coach to go to the royal ball. While there, the
prince falls madly in love with her, but the magic wears off at midnight and Cinderella
flees without telling the prince who she really is. Only a single glass slipper is left behind
for the prince to use to find his true love. He searches the kingdom and when he finds the
foot that fits – happily ever after.


Night of the Iguana

By Tennessee Williams
Former minister, T. Lawrence Shannon, works as a second rate tour guide.
Shannon is on the verge of his second nervous breakdown when he brings his tour group
of young women and their chaperone to a cheap hotel run by an old friend. They have
turned against him due to his indiscretion with one of the under-aged members of the
group. Also staying at the establishment is a strangely proper spinster, Hannah Jelkes,
who scrapes by selling portraits, and her ancient grandfather who is struggling to
compose his life’s last poem. The human bond between Miss Jelkes and Rev. Shannon
provide the focus for this powerful show.

Encore III Denton Divas

Some of Denton’s most talented ladies take the stage to entertain audiences with
favorite songs from Broadway.

The Producers

Music by Mel Brooks & Glen Kelly
Lyrics by Mel Brooks,
Book by Mel Brooks & Thomas Meehan
Two New York producers scheme to make a fortune by producing a flop for
Broadway. The plan can only work if the show is a total failure. When the sure fire miss
turns out to be huge success, they really are in trouble. This musical comedy will have
audiences wiping tears of laughter from their eyes and humming the score long after the
curtain comes down.