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Arsenic and Old Lace

Drama Critic, Mortimer Brewster, is horrified to discover that his sweet, elderly aunts’
charity work actually consists of poisoning elderly bachelors that they deem to be suffering from
loneliness. Throw in one uncle who thinks he is Theodore Roosevelt and another who is a
vicious killer trying to escape the police and you have a frantically fun comedy.


In pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, a family of 13 American colonies become
struggle to become one country.  This musical comedy tells the story of the events leading up to
the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Perhaps not entirely historically accurate, this
work does bring the colorful personalities and events surrounding our nation’s birth to joyful life.

Anna in the Tropics

Before the days of mechanization in the cigar making industry, a Cuban family brings
their business and traditions to Florida. One such tradition is to have someone, called a lector,
read to the workers as they roll the cigars. When a new lector is hired and reads the novel Anna
Karenina to them, their lives are forever changed. This powerful drama won the 2003 Pulitzer


The serious themes of societal prejudices between classes, hypocrisy, and domestic
violence are not often featured in American musicals, but this haunting piece explores the darker
side of life, love, and ultimately, redemption and hope for a better future, for members of two
families in 1870’s New England. This memorable story is told with both beautiful imagery and
powerful music.

Don’t Dress for Dinner

A classic French bedroom farce where nothing goes quite as planned. Bernard, married to
Jacqueline, is having an a affair with Suzanne, not Suzette. His good friend Robert is having an
affair with Jacqueline. Suzette is the caterer pretending to have an affair with Robert and Suzanne
is a model pretending to be the caterer. A laugh riot from beginning to end!

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

A rollicking good time is had when in 1850’s Oregon six backwoods brothers decide they
will kidnap the women that they have chosen to marry. Their married brother goes along with the
plan, much to the consternation of his wife and the ladies they kidnap. Trapped in the woods for
the winter, the furious women make the men stay out in the barn. This energetic musical ends
happily by springtime, however, when love fills the air for all.