Definition of Volunteer Harassment

THEATRE DENTON is committed to maintaining an environment free of harassment of any kind. “Harassment” as used in this policy means any repeated or habitual behavior which causes distress, feelings of a lack of safety, or physical harm to another person based on their actual or perceived race/ethnicity, religion, age, gender, gender expression or identity, socioeconomic status, disability, sexual orientation, citizenship status, geography, place of origin, marital status, or familial status. Inappropriate behavior would include, but not limited to, actions and/or statements that lack civility such as:

a)  excessive profanity,

b)  loud and angry or offensive outbursts,

c)  intimidating or threatening actions or statements,

d)  unwelcome touching of a personal nature,

e)  slurs or jokes about gender expression or sexual identity, and

f)  inappropriate interaction between an adult and minor child, including text messaging, emails and other forms of electronic communication.

Additionally, any kind of sexual harassment against anyone, regardless of the identities of the people involved, is prohibited by this policy. “Sexual harassment” includes but is not limited to unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when, for example:

a)  submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual’s participation in production activities;

b)  submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for production or artistic assignments; or

c)  engaging in conduct that has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s participation in a production or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment during a production.

An aggregation of incidents can constitute sexual harassment even if one incident on its own would not constitute harassment.

Harassment does not need to have malicious intent; the impacts on the person reporting the harassment must be addressed regardless of the intent.

Harassment is not:

a)  consensual sexual banter or romantic peer relationships where the people involved consent to the interaction;

b)  appropriate performance reviews, constructive feedback and critique, or discipline by a director or other production supervisor; or

c)  artistic content in production properties and scripts. Some productions have artistic merit despite sexual or uncomfortable action or dialogue. THEATRE DENTON must have the ability to stage meritorious productions that contain uncomfortable content. Volunteers should research all productions before deciding to participate to ensure they are comfortable with a production’s content.

Responsibilities of Volunteers

1. All volunteers, including THEATRE DENTON board and committee members, production cast and crew members, and event participants are responsible for fostering a safe, volunteer environment, free of harassment of any kind.

2. All volunteers and program participants have the responsibility to treat each other with respect and to refrain from all forms of harassment prohibited by these policies.

3. All participants are entitled to self-identified gender appropriate dressing rooms, which must be assigned after consulting with cast members before the first full-costume rehearsal.

4. Cast members must be consulted before assigning a crew member to assist with costume changes to ensure that the cast member is comfortable with the person assisting.

5. Whenever productions involve minor children:

a) Children must be dropped off and picked up by their parent, legal guardian, or other person authorized by the parent or guardian;

b) Adult one-on-one interactions with children should be avoided;

c) If being alone with a child or children cannot be avoided, doors and other room openings will be left open, unobstructed, and visible to as many unrelated adult volunteers as possible; and

d) Parents will be instructed to deliver their children in costume or dress their child at the theater before leaving.

Policy Disseminated to Volunteers

This policy applies to all board members, directors, producers, cast, crew and volunteers while working in any capacity at or on behalf of THEATRE DENTON.

A copy of this Policy will be provided to all new Governing and Production Board members at or before their first board meeting.

A copy of this Policy will be provided to each production cast and crew member or their parent or guardian at or before the first rehearsal. The producers of each production are responsible for seeing that cast and crew members are aware of this Policy.


Violations of this policy should be reported to the THEATRE DENTON Managing Director or to the THEATRE DENTON Governing Board Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion. Reports may be made in person, via email, by telephone, or in writing. It is helpful, but not required, to provide a written record of the date, time and nature of the incident(s) and the names of any witnesses.

THEATRE DENTON will receive anonymous complaints. However, making a complaint anonymously, failing to provide complete information, failing to accurately describe events, or making a complaint based on speculation, may cause an investigation to be difficult or impossible to pursue.

THEATRE DENTON will take all reports seriously. Complaints will be kept as confidential as reasonably possible. The identities of parties and witnesses must normally be disclosed to the complainant, respondent, and witnesses involved. Third parties will only receive information to the extent necessary to enable a thorough investigation.

If a violation is confirmed, THEATRE DENTON will take corrective measures to prevent further violations of this policy. Corrective measures may include, but are not limited to, termination of the violator’s right to participate in THEATRE DENTON productions.

The procedures available under this policy do not preempt or supersede any legal procedures or remedies otherwise available to a victim of sexual harassment under local, state or federal law. Persons who violate this policy may also be subject to civil damages or criminal penalties.

Posting and Review

These Policies shall be prominently displayed in the theater Green Room and posted on the THEATRE DENTON website. The THEATRE DENTON Governing Board shall review and update Policies on an annual basis or as needed.

version approved January 10, 2023

Printed Version of this Policy

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