Black Box Theatre

Experimental and progressive theatre is on the rise in Dallas-Fort Worth, and Theatre Denton is happy to be home to some of the best. The Theatre Denton Black Box Theatre space, made possible by the Golden Triangle Mall, features Denton’s most independent and experimental theatre. Up-and-coming writers, directors, and actors are showcased at Black Box Theatre.

Our Black Box Theatre is located next to Silver Cinemas in the Golden Triangle Mall. 

The Black Box Theatre is an intimate theatre space, perfect for a variety of performances. Come enjoy a new play from a soon-to-be superstar playwright, or watch some of Denton’s most talented directors hone their craft in action.

Tickets for these performances will be available prior to the show’s opening date at the Campus Theatre Box Office from 1pm-5pm, Monday through Friday. General admission tickets to each performance are $15. Tickets for all Black Box productions will also be made available on our web site.

Its uses include:

  • Theatre Denton rehearsal space
  • Theatre Denton Theatre School
  • Lona Wolfe Costume Closet
  • Theatre Denton Productions